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Ethical Conduct, Health and Wellness, Quality, Independence and Vision

About Us


Our Core Values

1. Ethical Conduct (doing what's right)
2. Health & Wellness (safety, fun)
3. Quality (dignity, efficiency)
4. Independence (risk taking)
5. Vision (cutting edge, innovative)

Providing Support To People With Disabilities

Human services in RI

Perspectives is a multi-faceted, dynamic agency that provides support to people with disabilities.

While our main office is located in North Kingstown, we support adults and children throughout the state of Rhode Island. We work with the most challenging individuals and their families by bringing together a broad range of experienced professionals with
diverse expertise to develop personalized plans for providing needed support and services.

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The objective in everything we do is to empower people to attain the dignity that comes with being as fully independent as possible; and embodying our Core Values, help those whom we support to be involved in the management of their own lives by teaching them the skills needed to be on their own in the world.

Disability, social justice, independence, human services in RI

Our History

Alternatives, Inc.
Human services in RI
Perspectives Corporation was founded in 1977 by its current President and CEO, David Ruppell.

Having recognized the need for support services in the community during his Undergraduate and Graduate College studies, Mr. Ruppell has worked with people with a variety of disabilities since 1970. After completing his undergraduate degree in 1974 he and his wife spent several years in Massachusetts opening multiple homes for some of the first people leaving the state system of institutional care. These experiences and his colleagues in Rhode Island led him back here to become a service provider.

Since those early days, Perspectives has become the premium provider of services for people with developmental disabilities. For more than three decades our residential services, day services, youth and family and counseling services have grown to provide support to individuals in communities from Westerly to Providence County.

A Community Leader for More Than 35 Years

History of Disabilities in RI From its beginning our agency has seen many milestones. In 1987 we began our first vocational program; in 1997 we started providing services to youth and families; and in 1999 Perspectives' Transitional School Services were founded. In 2006 Perspectives began providing specialty services for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community; in 2007 our Youth & Family Services division opened its first childrens' group home; in 2009 we established a satellite office in northern Rhode Island; and in 2013 the Adeline LaPlante Memorial Center in Wakefield became a part of our agency, providing center-based and community-based support to individuals in Washington County.

Over the years our creativity, vision, innovation and flexibility have made us not only one of the largest human services agencies in Rhode Island, but also one of the most committed to those whom we support and their families, helping hundreds of men and women become independent and fully enjoy their lives.