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News from August, 2006
Perspectives Corporation | August 31, 2006

A Proper Send Off To Summer

CHARLESTOWN - The splashing of water as children run from the sandy beach into the cool refreshing lake causes a series of playful laughter and begins yet another round of water games where the only rule seems to simply have fun.

Zack, who is finishing his first year at camp smiles widely as he expl...
Perspectives Corporation | August 9, 2006

Moving Towards A Better Life

NORTH KINGSTOWN – The lives of over a dozen people started off happier, healthier and with more energy Monday morning after attending a Music and Movement class presented by Perspectives Corporation.

Nick Allard, who ran the August 7th class, said that the class’s purpose was, “To improve energy level and balance with an emphasis on improved gross motor.”

The ongoing class, currently offered three times a week, is part of many Adult Service...
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