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News from April, 2007
Perspectives Corporation | April 23, 2007

Disney's High School Musical performed for Rhode Island's Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing Community

PROVIDENCE – Students from the Rhode Island School for the Deaf performed in the school’s production of Disney’s High School Musical last Thursday and Friday, April 12 and 13th.

The musical, which featured over three dozen cast members, told the story of high school students who overcome the roles societ...
Perspectives Corporation | April 13, 2007

Perspectives Sponsors Race For Grace

Perspectives is starting up a team to participate in Rhode Island's 1st Annual RSTF Strollathon, titled Race for Grace. Grace is a 2 year old girl from Narragansett who has recently been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a devastating neurological disorder, which primarily affects young females. In addition to Grace, there are at least seventeen other girls in the state with the disease; two of whom are supported by Perspectives.

Perspectives is f...
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