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News from February, 2008
Perspectives Corporation | February 27, 2008

Participate in the Telephone Campaign on February 28th

Yesterday's rally was successful in that we held off immediate budget cuts, but cuts in the long term are still a reality. Our advocacy and political action needs to ramp up, starting with the phone campaign tomorrow, February 28.

Phone calls are to be made to our legislators and the House Finance Committee. The House Finance Committee now has the budget and will be making the decision to approve or change the Governor's recommended budget.
Perspectives Corporation | February 21, 2008

Rally for What You Believe is Right!

As many of you know, we are facing a difficult fiscal year in RI. The recommendation is that all human service providers cut 10 to 15%. This is a quick solution, one that will result in no services for people and employee lay offs.

In order to support services for the developmentally disabled and their staff, there is a rally on Tuesday, February 26, at 3 PM at the Rhode Island State House.

Secondly, the Community Provider Network of RI is...
Perspectives Corporation | February 1, 2008

A Letter to Remember

One of our long term employees, Joanie McAleer, wrote me a letter, of which she has given me permission to share....

I'd like to thank you and the committee that chose me for the DSP award. I feel so honored. There are so many deserving staff.

I am not brave enough to speak to 750 people to let them know what a great experience I've had at Fiore Drive. I do want you to know.

The folks we support know more about life than most. ...
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