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News from May, 2009
Perspectives Corporation | May 29, 2009

Southern Area Games for Special Olympics 2009

What a spectacular day it was at Bishop Hendricken today for the Southern Area games on Saturday April 25, 2009!

Thank you to all of the Athletes who had a great showing. Many medals were won and each athlete gave their best effort. Thank you to all of the DSP's who where there to help and cheer on the athletes! And finally to all of the coaches including: Amy Beretta, Kelly Camp, Martha Simmons, Melissa, Nick Beretta, Eric Beretta and to a...
Perspectives Corporation | May 28, 2009

Join the LADD Vigil to Remember

The Ladd Vigil, scheduled for May 31st from 1:00 pm to June 3rd at 1:00 am, is a way to remind people about the fact that it has been closed for 15 years, that RI made a promise to provide support to individuals with disabilities and each year attempts to compromise services through level funding, funding cuts, re-defining regulations, etc. Out of frustration, the vigil is being held at the Ladd School memorial in order to draw attention to the s...
Perspectives Corporation | May 26, 2009

NO MORE CUTS: Phone or Email Your Legislator this Week!

In response to upcoming State budget cuts, Perspectives is participating in a phone or email campaign, this week, to send the message: NO MORE CUTS.

We ask anyone participating to be respectful, non-confrontational and feel free to elaborate if the legislator asks about human service work, why it's valuable. State Senator and State Representative phone numbers and/or email addresses are on the
Perspectives Corporation | May 21, 2009

State Budget Cuts May Hit Agencies Hard

Once again it appears that funding for services for people with disabilities may be targeted for further cuts. In the May 12, 2009 edition of the Providence Journal, it is reported that House Finance Committee Chairman ”Costantino would not rule out sweeping cuts to human service programs for the elderly and disabled….”

In the past, action and advocacy around funding for services has proven effective. While we can all appreciate the hard econo...
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