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News from November, 2009
Perspectives Corporation | November 30, 2009

Running the Court with Perspectives Special Olympics Basketball

Perspectives Corporation is currently enjoying participating in Special Olympics Unified Basketball for its second year. This year the team has been plagued with the injury bug as Steve from Rodman has missed the entire season due to injury and Jessica at Tanglewood was sidelined due to injury about halfway in the season and will have to sit out for the remainder. Due to these injuries, the rest of the athletes and partners have had to pick up th...
Perspectives Corporation | November 12, 2009

URI - Perspectives Best Buddies Chapter Is Up And Running

This year's URI-Perspectives' Best Buddies' Chapter is up and running, having had our first event October 22. It was well attended AND well represented by programs within Perspectives. There are 27 PWS involved, coming from 15 different programs. We all get together once a month for our group event at URI. The college buddies contact their buddies (our PWS) on the other weeks during the month, maybe a phone call, go out for coffee, or a home visi...
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