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News from January, 2014
Autism Center of Excellence | January 31, 2014

Autism Research in Rhode Island

Autism Research in Rhode Island
Rhode Island in particular has been at the forefront of autism research and advocacy in recent years. Now a team at Brown University in Providence is creating a sophisticated computerized tool for the acoustic analysis of babies cries as a non-invasive early warning system that may provide clues as to whether infants are at risk of developing autism.
Perspectives Corporation | January 24, 2014

History of the Adeline LaPlante Memorial Center

The LaPlante Center didnt start out as the LaPlante Center.

It began in 1962 as the South County Chapter of the Association for Retarded Citizens also known as the ARC. For three years the South County ARC outsourced services for children with disabilities until in 1965 the State of Rhode Island approved the agency to lease a home structure in North Kingstown.

Due to the social climate common of the time however the neighborhood was not su...
Autism Center of Excellence | January 9, 2014

Raising Autism Awareness in Rhode Island in 2014

Rhode Island License Plate for Autism Awareness
In case you missed the news last year in June 2013 Governor Lincoln Chaffee signed a resolution to create a special joint commission whose purpose is to "make a comprehensive study to improve the quality of life and create positive outcomes for individuals with Autism in Rhode Island."
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