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News from March, 2016
Perspectives Corporation | March 28, 2016

The Paintings of Milton Steadman: Art Show in Wakefield, RI

Wakfeid RI Java Madness Art Show 2016
When Milton Steadman isn't bowling, horseback riding, singing, or just hanging out with friends, he's chasing his dreams as an artist — and, sometimes, getting his housemates involved in painting with him.

This April, one of Milton's dreams will be coming true; a public exhibition of his work, at the Java Madness cafe and art gallery in Wakefield, Rhode Island.
Perspectives Corporation | March 21, 2016

Congratulations to Kim Einloth, Recipient of the Fourth Annual Fogarty-Olean Advocacy Award

Rhode Island Disabilities Fogarty-Olean Advocacy Award
Please join us in congratulating Kim Einloth, recipient of the fourth Fogarty-Olean Advocacy Award, in recognition of her dedication, energy, leadership, and her significant contributions to improving the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Perspectives Corporation | March 17, 2016

MythBusters: Statewide Self-Advocacy Meeting, March 28

There are a lot changes happening in Rhode Island for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

On March 28, Advocates in Action RI is hosting their annual Statewide Self-Advocacy Meeting, featuring the 2016 Leadership Class, to answer questions and share information about issues that affect Rhode Islanders who have a developmental disability and the services they receive.

Perspectives Corporation | March 11, 2016

Maryland's Washington County Arc Celebrates Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Disabilities Awareness Month 2016
As you may already know by now, March is National Disabilities Awareness Month; a time during which people from all over the country recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals with disabilities and their contributions to the communities in which they live.

While many charitable events, public workshops and conferences are taking place here in Rhode Island, our friends to the south at the Washington County Arc in Hagerstown, Maryland are preparing to host their second annual Developmental Disabilities Awareness Walk.
Perspectives Corporation | March 1, 2016

Family Employment Awareness Training for Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities

RI Developmental Disabilities Employment Workshop
In partnership with the Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN), and with support from the Rhode Island Department of Education, The Sherlock Center on Disabilities is offering families of transition-age students with intellectual or developmental disabilities multiple opportunities to attend a Family Employment Awareness Training (FEAT) during the 2016 school year.
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