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News from May, 2017
Perspectives Corporation | May 23, 2017

CALL TO ACTION - Write Your Senator and Representative Today

DD Funding in Rhode Island
As the Rhode Island legislature starts to grapple with the State budget for the coming year, they are facing many tough decision.

You need to tell your local legislator why it is so important to maintain the Governor’s recommended funding for DD services and to pass Article 23.

This year the Governor put a little over $6 million in her proposed budget for DSP wage increases. These are dollars that are specifically targeted for staff salaries. Through the advocacy of CPNRI and its member agencies, we have made it clear that we are facing a workforce crisis due to the inability to attract and keep competent and caring staff. We have explained that this is largely due to low wages for very challenging work.
Perspectives Corporation | May 17, 2017

Whether Rain or Sun or Snow, Andrew Will Be There

Employment Services RI
While many workplaces are hectic and busy on a Thursday afternoon, a local Warwick office knows no such stress. The silence at Data Storage Corporation is soft as the clouds overhead, the office bright and calm, and Andrew Tabachini works diligently at his desk, free to put all his focus on the task at hand.
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