Sunday, July 23, 2017

Services for Adults with Disabilities in Rhode Island 


Adult Day Services (ADS)

Community Support for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Perspectives Adult Day Services is a community-based program helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve their objectives, and engage in a healthy, active lifestyle. We empower individuals to be involved in the management of their own lives, and to achieve their goals through personal choices, by teaching them the skills and providing the tools they need to be successful.

Social Development & Activities

Perspectives provides many opportunities for individuals to participate in a variety of social settings, according to their own personal interests, goals, and objectives. Integrated community outings are offered daily, promoting a real-world learning environment in which we assist individuals in the development of critical skills such as money management, literacy, and pedestrian skills.

Learning & Education

Each individual's plan of care at Perspectives is specifically tailored to help them achieve their personal objectives; whether in a structured, formal teaching environment, or by taking advantage of natural learning opportunities in day-to-day living. Life skills and academic development, language classes, GED, vocational training, and college courses are just some of the methods we use to help individuals accomplish their goals.

Job Placement & Support

Perspectives helps people with disabilities to prepare for, obtain and maintain meaningful employment in the community. From skills assessment to pre-vocational activities, job development, and job coaching, our work readiness training and job retention supports provide individuals the tools they need to be as independent as possible. More Information »


Contact Information

Kim Einloth, Senior Director | Adult Day Services
 (401) 294-3990 ext. 220