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Youth & Family Services in Rhode Island 


Transitional School Services (TSS)

Vocational Support for Youth

Perspectives' Transitional School Services program is committed to the fundamental values of dignity and respect for all students making the important transition from school based services to adulthood. Our goal is to empower students by providing them with hands-on community based experiences that provide invaluable instruction in life skills and opportunities for social inclusion. We understand that the needs of students vary and so we individualize our programming to address the unique strengths, interests and challenges facing each student we support.

At TSS, we provide a bridge between schools and the community by working cooperatively with all involved parties to ensure that the goals identified in a student's Individual Education Plan are carried out across all environments and settings. In essence, we create a classroom in the community, one that enhances a student's future potential and prepares them and their families for the impending transition to adulthood.

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Vocational Development and Support

Emphasis is placed on identifying and developing the skills required for success in the workplace post-graduation. Experiences take place in "real world" settings where students learn first hand the rewards and responsibilities of full participation in today's work force. Perspectives also offers the resources of our Employment Resource Network in Warwick RI and can facilitate relationships with the Office of Rehabilitation Services and NetWork RI.

Services available include:

Clinical Consultation

Over the course of over 30 years of service to people with disabilities, Perspectives has developed a skilled team of clinical professionals with a wide array of talents and expertise. We offer these services to educators who required intensive behavioral and psychological supports for their students.

Specifically, these services include:

Community-Based Activities and Skills Development

We recognize the important role a student's community plays in their overall development and subsequent transition to adult life. Community-based activities provide a student with the resources necessary to not only achieve personal goals and objectives but also as a means of sharing their unique skills and gifts with the world around them.

Services available include:

Classroom Aide Support Services

A student's success in the classroom may require supplemental assistance in a variety of areas including personal care, ambulation, communication, motivation, or behavioral intervention. TSS provides schools with trained and competent staff in order to help students realize their full potential in an academic setting.

Services may include:


Contact Information

Sean Cornell, Senior Director | Transitional School Services
 (401) 294-3990 ext 135