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Introducing Perspectives 2020

By Jason Carpenter | February 27, 2017

As Rhode Island's leading private agency providing services for children, youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Perspectives Corporation has been committed to empowering individuals since 1977. Now in our 40th year, Perspectives is rising to new and greater challenges.

"With constant changes in funding sources from insurance providers, Medicaid, and the State of Rhode Island it is important that Perspectives Corporation position itself for greater success to better serve the people that depend on us." -- David Ruppell, Chief Executive Officer

Perspectives 20/20 is an ongoing strategic planning initiative. In our work thus far, we identified four main goal areas:

  • Diversify and expand the services offered, such as Employment, Shared Living Arrangements and Self Directed.

  • Develop strategic partnerships with individuals, caregivers, volunteers, friends, as well as education, legal and medical institutions.

  • Develop and train employees to work with more autonomy and independence.

  • Embrace emerging technologies and the use of data analytics.

Four action teams have been created, each with a team leader:

Services: Kim Einloth
Communications: Dale Smalley
Training: Brenda Verdi
Data: Andrew McQuaide

As work continues in the weeks and months ahead, we look forward to sharing progress. We will ask all stakeholders to join this initiative and contribute ideas. Working together while staying strong and true to our core values, we will continue to achieve health, happiness, independence and true community inclusion.

As a kickoff to this initiative, we are sending a paper letter. In the future we will be using social media, Perspectives Public Website and email blasts to communicate. We encourage you to visit to join our email list.