Thursday, January 19, 2017

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Positively Beaming: 26 Years Later, Sarah Still Loves Her Job.

Posted by: Jason Carpenter
Sarah has been an employee of Ocean State Job Lot for 26 years. She works four days a week, averaging 14 hours per week. When she first started working, she had a job coach. Now she is completely independent on the job. Each shift, Sarah cleans the break rooms, bathrooms, peg walls, water fountain and registers. She is also responsible for putting away merchandise that has been returned.

 Who We Are 

Supporting People with Disabilities in Rhode Island

Perspectives Corporation is a private agency whose purpose is to help people with developmental, intellectual and other disabilities participate in and contribute to community life, empowering them with the dignity of being fully independent as possible.

 Our Core Values 

 Ethical Conduct (doing what's right)
 Health & Wellness (safety, fun)
 Quality (dignity, efficiency)
 Independence (risk taking)
 Vision (cutting edge, innovative)

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